Meeting Summary

TEA Board Meeting 

January 16, 2019

Conference Room 4-C, King Street Center

  1. Open the meeting and review agenda
  • President and Board Members welcomed everyone to the 1st TEA monthly meeting of 2019.
  • Secretary noted future board meetings will have Skype available for those who wanted to teleconference in. Skype was not set up for this board meeting.
  1. Welcoming of our new TEA Secretary
  • Attendees/group welcomed JR Meksavanh as the new TEA Secretary.
  1. Initiatives for the New Year

President announced the creation of two committees.

  1. Education Committee:
    1. Education Committee will help tell the story of the history of how the Technical Employees Association came to be. This will serve as purposeful information for new employees/new members of TEA. This history and information should be posted on the TEA website for reference.
  2. Communications Committee:
    1. Purpose will be to improve communications to TEA members. There have been recommendations to the TEA board from TEA members to better improve and create better transparency between the board members and members of TEA.
    2. JR Meksavanh, Secretary, will chair the Communications Committee and will be soliciting participation for this committee.
  1. Business Plan and Checklist Work Breakdown Structure
  • President plans to implement a Business Plan. This plan will likely implement a work strategy, communications plan, mission, success criteria and planned major milestones for each year.
  • The board may hire an assistant to assist the Secretary and Treasurer in initiating and creating this business plan which the board will update and maintain on a consistent basis.
  1. Bargaining updates and Committee formation
  1. Transit Bargaining:
    • New Bylaw Provision has process for new Transit Bargaining Committee members.  Solicitation for Committee/team members will be announced.  
  1. VEBA Vote:
  • TEA will conduct a VEBA for this year for Bargaining Units that have VEBA implementation provisions in their Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  1. Wastewater Contract: 
  • New contract has been approved by Human Resources Division/Prosecuting Attorney signed by the TEA President on 01/16/19. Next step in the process is to route to King County Executive and Council approvals and signature.
  • Wastewater Supervisors have indicated their intent to move to Teamsters Local 117.
  1. Good of the order:
  • Member had asked if TEA can post Grievances on the TEA Times Webpage.
  • Reporting and Annual Audit – Members had recommended posting the Annual Finance Report and the State Reporting under the TEA Times website.
  1. Meeting adjourn


Board Member Attendees ❑ Alton Gaskill, President 

❑ Michael Sands, Vice President

❑ JR Meksavanh, Secretary 

❑ Sally Turner, Treasurer

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